Staccator Articulation Tool

Staccator Articulation Tool

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Staccator improves articulation on any wind instrument. It's fun and effective, and wil annoy your cat.


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  • About Staccator

    The Staccator (sta_ka_tor) is designed to develop clean and crisp articulation on brass and woodwind instruments. When air is directed into the canoe-shaped piece it produces a defined ‘click’. The use of the Staccator isolates and develops the muscles of the tongue and embouchure while encouraging the player to focus the air for greater efficiency.


    Staccator was invented by Canadian trumpeter and teacher Chris Cigolea, who wanted a way to practice articulation while commuting. The result turned out to be something more than a practice device, but a tool to isolate and develop tonguing technique, for example, it makes clear any difference in airstream when articulating the syllables tu and ku.


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