Special Studies for Trumpet by John Daniel


Special Studies for Trumpet presents the method John Daniel has developed and refined over many years of teaching. It has resonated with players around the world.


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  • About Special Studies for Trumpet

    “All trumpet players have a tendency to play with two lips rather than an embouchure if they can get away with it.” 


    John Daniel is Professor of Trumpet at Lawrence University. This quote sums up the primary focus of his book: developing a strong, efficient embouchure and a relaxed approach to playing the trumpet. Special Studies offers a unique set of exercises incorporating mouthpiece buzzing, breath attacks, whisper tones, note bending, flexibility, strength, efficiency, articulation, chord & scale studies. The author clearly explains why and how to practice each exercise, and presents them in a graduated fashion. Players of all abilities should find it easy to understand how to apply the exercises to address their particular needs. At the end of the book John provides a variety of routines based on the exercises in the book, organized into different levels. 

    Each summer John would refine the exercises based on the successes and failures of his students during the past year. This careful and methodic approach paid off. The reader is provided with a wealth of study material, clearly and methodically laid out, thoroughly tested on real trumpet players, along with words of wisdom from an experienced player and teacher.


    As you read and play through Special Studies you’ll encounter familiar concepts and some new ones too, all presented with fresh insight and “I never thought of it like that” moments. This is a book every trumpet player should own.