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Brass Tactics Buzz Aids

Brass Tactics Buzz Aids

$19.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price

Brass Tactics Buzz Aids increase the effectiveness of mouthpiece buzzing for all brass instruments.


Note: We are currently sold out of buzz aids for trumpet and French Horn. We have them in stock for cornet, flugelhorn, tenor trombone and tuba. 


  • About Buzz Aids

    The Brass Tactics Buzz Aid allows you to buzz your mouthpiece while it is placed in the horn. The horn is in effect turned into a ‘holder’ for the mouthpiece, as air is diverted through a hole in the bottom of the buzz aid. The buzz aid does not add any resistance; buzzing with the buzz-aid feels essentially the same as buzzing your mouthpiece without it. This promotes the free flow of air, so important to a vibrant tone.


    Using a Buzz-Aid provides several advantages over buzzing the mouthpiece by itself.

    • By placing the mouthpiece in the horn, you naturally adopt correct playing posture and the position and manipulation of the mouthpiece on the lips more accurately replicates the feel of playing the instrument.
    • You are able to move the valves or slide in co-ordination with the changing pitches. Playing a difficult passage first on the Buzz Aid helps you to ‘blow through a phrase’, rather than getting hung up on individual notes.
    • Students take buzzing more seriously with the horn in their hands. The ‘gadget’ aspect appeals to young students.


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