Books by by Phil Collins

Books by by Phil Collins


After a long career as principal trumpet with the Cincinnati Symphony, Phil Collins (the other one) has written a series of books that are significant additions to the literature. The etudes are exceedingly musical and fun to play, and are peppered with words of advice and encouragement. They are highly recommended!


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    Classic Style is the newest book by Phil Collins. It is a wonderful collection of melodies by 47 different composers, from Albinoni to Wieniawski. These are not orchestral excerpts, but melodies drawn from the entire classical repertoire, in keys and registers that are appropriate for the trumpet (and many other instruments). Each is accompanied by a comment from the author like the following (referring to Bizet’s Symphony in C): “In the unlikely event that this oboe solo is ever given to the solo cornet, you’ll be ready!”


    This is a unique book in a number of ways: First, it offers insight into the compositional style of most of the great classical composers. While the melodies are not entirely lyrical they comprise the majority, so it can be considered a lyrical etude book. As a jazz musician who is more familiar with Ellington than Elgar, I’ve found these etudes to be an education in the compositional style of most of the great classical composers, and a study in melodic composition. 



    Trumpet 1 addresses the myriad musical situations faced by the 1st trumpet player playing pops or commercial repertoire. Musically satisfying and stylistically diverse, these etudes are not terribly difficult, but there are many twists and turns that challenge your reading, endurance, dynamics, articulation, key fluency and overall musicality. The range generally doesn’t go past a high C, but that note can seem plenty high at the end of a long, lyrical solo! There is nothing quite like this book for developing the commercial style of orchestral playing.


    TRUMPETUDES (currently out of stock)

    TrumpEtudes contains 100 full-length studies based on the orchestral repertoire. Phil often compares a study to specific pieces in the classic literature. Somewhat more difficult than the etudes in Trumpet 1, this book is geared towards a moderately advanced player. TrumpEtudes will prepare you for pretty much everything you might encounter, and will keep you entertained and challenged throughout.


    Piccolo Trumpet Studies contains 105 etudes of easy to moderate difficulty, with a focus on control, tone, ease of playing and intonation with the same security expected on the larger trumpets. As with Phil’s other books, technical challenges are framed in musical contexts, frequently referencing specific composers or pieces. As the pieces are written an octave below where they sound on piccolo, they are fully playable on larger horns as well. The book is prefaced with four pages of concise but insightful advice for approaching the piccolo trumpet. This is a welcome addition to the scant repertoire of studies for piccolo trumpet.



    Phil Collins played principal trumpet with the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestras for over thirty years, recording more than one hundred CDs. Prior to joining the CSO, he was a member of the Cleveland Orchestra, the National Arts Centre Orchestra of Ottawa, the Rochester Philharmonic and the Eastman Brass Quintet. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music and the Cleveland Institute of Music, Mr. Collins is currently on the faculty at the College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati.


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