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Chase Sanborn
Signature Mouthpieces

GR Mouthpiece Technologies has established a reputation as one of the most innovative and respected mouthpiece companies in the world of trumpet playing. The CS66MS was one of the first GR mouthpieces on the market and the CS line remains among the most popular GR models. 

The primary design goal was to create a matched set of three trumpet cups to facilitate the myriad playing situations faced by a jazz or commercial session player. GR's revolutionary design process makes it possible to have mouthpieces with different tonal  and response characteristics, yet which feel similar to play. This makes it easy to switch between them depending on what you have to play, i.e., match the tool to the job.

CS mouthpieces are available in several popular diameters, in gold or silver plating. Coordinating models are available for flugelhorn, cornet, piccolo trumpet and an amazing trumpet/flugel hybrid design. 

For more information including pricing, FAQs and Comments from Players, click the product listing in the shop. Also, check out the video demonstration which you can find on this site, but perhaps more easily on the Chase Sanborn YouTube channel. 

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