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Study with Chase Sanborn

If you're serious about improving your musical ability, there is no substitute for working with a teacher who can listen and make recommendations specific to your goals and abilities. 

Lessons can address trumpet playing, jazz improvisation or any other aspect of playing music for fun or as a career

I welcome all ages from high school on up, with a special focus on university level and adult amateurs or comeback players.

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General Info

Private online instruction is offered at a rate of USD$100 for a 75-minute lesson. I've found this time frame to be the 'sweet spot' for an optimal learning experience. 

I book lessons individually at a time of mutual convenience. You are never obligated to book more than one lesson.

For more information, send a message via the Contact link below or at the top of the page. I'll respond with a PDF document and answer any other questions you may have. 

I look forward to working with you!

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