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Books by Chase Sanborn

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Jazz Tactics

Jazz Tactics provides a comprehensive yet comprehensible approach to improvising jazz. It helps you to understand how chords are constructed and interconnected & how to use  that harmonic information to craft a melodic line. It sheds light on many of the techniques that jazz musicians use to create a coherent musical performance, seemingly out of thin air.


(Contrary to common misconception, jazz improvisation is no more magical than having a conversation with a friend.) 


The Brass Tactics 6/60 Routine

The Brass Tactics 6/60 Routine is a carefully structured approach to developing and maintaining  your ability to produce and control sound on a brass instrument. Likened to circuit training, it consists of a series of eight short exercises that address every aspect of sound production including high notes, low notes, long notes, short notes, loud notes, soft notes, slurred notes, articulated notes, scales, arpeggios, finger dexterity, leadpipe buzzing, mouthpiece buzzing, flexibilities, long tones, note bending, whisper tones, intonation, initial attacks, single, double and triple tonguing, tone quality, endurance and range. All in under an hour.

Brass Tactics 

Described as 'everything you need to know about blowing into a brass tube and demanding union scale for the result', Brass Tactics provides a wealth of information on all aspects of playing a brass instrument gleaned from the lifetime experience of a professional jazz and commercial trumpet player.


Originally published in two volumes, the Revised Edition combined and augments them into a comprehensive text including demonstration CD and DVD discs (for those who still have the technological ability to play them). 


Tuning Tactics

Tuning Tactics delves into the theory and practical application of principles of intonation, in particular the difference between equal temperament (in which all notes are in tune or out of tune, depending on your perspective), and pure or just intonation (in which mathematically precise intervals provide perfect intonation in one key and perfectly awful intonation in another).


The Tuning Tactics CD contains 88 demonstration, interval training and play along tracks which will open up your ears and boost your confidence in your ability to play in tune.

Music Business Tactics

There are many facets of a successful musical career that are tangential to your musical ability, for example managing your time, money and collegial relationships. In discussing these kinds of topics, Music Business Tactics is not so much about the music business as it is the business of being a musician. Author Chase Sanborn writes: "It won't take you long to read this book, but it took me a lifetime to be able to write it."

Experience is the best teacher. Advice from someone with experience may be the second best.

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