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Chase Sanborn

Jazz Trumpet Player



Jazz trumpeter Chase Sanborn grew up in the New York City metropolitan area and spent his early professional years in Boston and San Francisco, including an extended international tour with Ray Charles. Since 1981, Chase has been a mainstay of the jazz and commercial music scene in Toronto, Canada, with a slew of performing and recording credits, including five CDs of his own.

A dedicated and celebrated jazz educator, Chase is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto (currently on sabbatical and residing on YouTube--check out the videos), and has published a series of books that have garnered worldwide praise for their insightful and entertaining approach to playing and teaching music. You can find out more about Chase's books in the shop on this site.

See below for information on Chase's role as a Yamaha Artist.

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Yamaha Artist

Chase Sanborn has been a Yamaha Artist for most of his career, and has owned just about every Yamaha pro trumpet model since the the first-generation 6335H. (That's the 25th Anniversary Xeno in the pic.)

As a Yamaha Artist, Chase has appeared as a clinician or guest artist throughout the US and Canada. He delights in sharing his knowledge and love for music with young (or not-so-young) musicians. If you are interested in the possibility of hosting an appearance, get in touch to start the conversation. 


What they say...


“Chase made a lasting impression on our students. Everyone was inspired by his musicianship and artistry as a performer—and equally by his presentations in classes on a wide variety of subjects. He is able to work with students of all abilities and provides a wealth of valuable and well-organized information in imaginative ways. He is encouraging and supportive with those to whom topics are new, and challenges the more experienced players. It was terrific having him here on campus, and we look forward to having him back again!”